Today’s the day!

I’m so pleased that this day has arrived! I’ve been looking forward to sharing more about my vision and plans.

Who will I be working with?

I am extremely fortunate and grateful to have the support and partnership of several organizations and individuals that I admire, right from the start. I could not, and would not have taken this exciting step without their early encouragement.

Delta Think has announced that I’m joining the team to support sales and the development of community around the Open Access Data & Analytics Tool. I look forward to educating our broader community about the tool’s powerful capabilities, and I am delighted to work as part of such an innovative and trusted organization.

I will also continue to support the continuing growth and success of mission driven Coko. Additionally, I am thrilled that Coko’s Founder Adam Hyde has invited me to participate within the Coko Advisory Board and to continue with my role on the Editoria Advisory Group. I have very much enjoyed working for Coko over the last years, and I’m looking forward to continuing within new contexts.

Last, there are some very exciting conversations in the works, more news I hope to share soon, and trusted advisors and a community of friends and mentors behind the scenes for whom I am eternally grateful.

Why work this way?

As I continue affiliations with organizations and initiatives I’ve been working for, it’s tempting to ask why make changes, especially since I am able to work across such a broad constituency of forward thinkers through my work with Coko, CRediT volunteer work, and other professional development initiatives.

While this is all true, I think there is a real need for shared resource in strategic marcomms support, particularly for start up organizations and new projects and initiatives keen to drive change in the space. Options can be limiting when faced with a decision: hire someone with deep subject matter expertise and shoulder cost, or hire generalist expertise at a lower cost and spend on training and developing skill set and knowledge base. 

Especially for start ups and project based initiatives, tapping into subject matter expertise without the overhead of a full time executive is ideal: a service that allows access to the nuanced subject matter expertise that they actually need to move their initiatives forward without the onerous cost of full time employment, benefits, etc. Similarly, some organizations have stellar senior-level strategic marketing staff who may understand, for example, content marketing and journal development well, but who may not be ready to take emerging tech offerings developing at their organizations to market. Or, they may have extremely capable tactical expertise that could use some ad hoc strategic direction or facilitation to operate at peak performance for the organization. This is the sweet spot for me, so if it sounds good to you – let’s chat.

This model also allows me to focus on the most interesting strategic work for innovative organizations. I have a proven track record for catalyzing projects, building successful programs and teams, and delivering on high engagement marketing, communications, and community development programs.

Can we work together?

While the short answer is ‘I am not sure,’ I am quite open to discuss possibilities. Let’s talk about what your project or organization is most in need of, and explore possibilities forward from there. Feedback and continued engagement is welcome as I work out next steps toward best resourcing and serving the community interested in collaborating. That said, today is the day, so if this sounds like something you are interested in, please, let’s start a conversation!